1987 Bermuda One-Two Results

Singlehanded skippers raced from Newport to Bermuda, started Saturday, June 13, 1987.   The race back from Bermuda to Newport, started Saturday, June 24, was doublehanded.

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    Doublehanded Leg
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This year the race was called the Survival Tech 1-2 due to sponsorship.  The following blurb was published:
Survival Tech 1-2
Newport To Bermuda Race For Monohulls
Dates: June 12, 1987  Send off party
           June 13, 1987  Start
Participation:  37 offshore monohulls, 74 crew members, 80-100 family members and support personnel, 150-175 yacht club members, 30 members of the press.
History:  This is the largest shorthanded Bermuda race yet run and will include several boats from the recent BOC race.  SURVIVAL TECHNOLOGIES GROUP is a leading manufacturer of boating safety equipment.

Survival Tech 1-2 Booklet

Seamanship Trophy:

Best Combined Total Elapsed Time:

Rhode Island Entry with Best Elapsed Time:


1987 Awards in Newport, RI
Top Row L to R: Al Fournier, A1, Murray Danforth, A3, Steve Pettengill, Richard Long and Doris (Cosmic Egg), Doug Shearer, Stu Heywood, Ed Bradbury and crew Terry Wanstreet, Jack Boye, Garret Sullivan, A9, Judy Heywood, A11, David LaRoche, A13, Bertie Reed. A14. Steve Black, George Barnard
Bottome Row L to R: Morris Propp, JP Mouligne, Ron Dwelle, Patrick Mouligne, Charlie Carpenter, B4, Mark Chramiec, Jim Kyle, Rick Viggiano, Lisa Kyle, Louis Tonnizzo, Bevan Creighton, George Stricker,  Peter McCrea

1986 Skipper's Reunion
Top Row L to R:
Rick Viggiano, A2, Larry Paolucci, Bob Griffin
Middle Row L to R: Peter Hegeman (Commodore GIYC), Morris Propp, Scott Kuhner, Al Fournier, Ray Renaud, Mark Scott, David Ryan, Tom Donnelly (behind David), Omer Lussier, B8, Tom Gochberg, B10, David La Roche
Bottom Row L to R: George Pike (Race Committee Chair), Charlie Carpenter, Juan Perez, John Hala, Bill Flynn