2003 Bermuda One-Two

Singlehanded skippers raced from Newport to Bermuda, started Sunday, June 7, 2003.   The race back from Bermuda to Newport, started Friday, June 20, was doublehanded.


    Singlehanded Leg
    Doublehanded Leg
    Bermuda Award Party
    Newport Award Party
    Scratch Sheet
    Position Reports Newport to Bermuda
    Position Reports Bermuda to Newport
    Notice Of Race
    Sailing Instructions and for Bermuda


2003 Skippers and Crew at St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club after weather brief

Back Row L to R: Ray Renaud, Ned Caswell, Joe Harris, Douglas Shearer, Jan Steyn, Michael Millard, Barrett Holby, ?, Chris Adams, David Sherman, Mike Hennessy, Rick McCally, Rich Ellis, Drew Wood, Michael DeLorenzo, Gerhard Meilen, ?, John Drozdal, Juan Perez, Steve Pettengill, ?.
Front Row L to R: Ted Robinson, Dimitri Antoniadis, Murray Danforth, Peter McCrea, Mark Morwood, Tim, Kent, Tim Troy.