29 June1615 - The Awards ("Prize Giving" as they say in Bermuda) was held tonight.  We had an amazing turnout of 60 people including Brian Gray showing up late (just like his sailing!). It looked like all had a good time including those that had to return to Newport from the Bermuda to Newport start.  Very nice to see them also appear.   Commodore Tom Rowe presented several trophies.  Andy Tyska of the Rhode Island Sailing Events Commission was present also.  We had 13 new skippers this year which tied 2017 however we had smaller turnout this year thus a higher percentage.  We had 3 family teams.  An this year we started a Team Trophy the Jeff Spranger Team Trophy.  Many of the new skippers said they expect to return in 2021.  Much food was devoured by all.  The food was provided by Caryn Cummings and crew: Cathy Singsen, and a bunch of my racing crew; Donna Bouressa, Alyce & Bill Croasdale and Father Tom O'Neil.  The final results have been posted.
A vote was held for the next Skipper's Representative. Tristan Mouligne was nominated, seconded and voted back in for a third term.

28 June 2228 Trouble No Trouble finished!  With 806 not far behind. We had fireworks at Fort Adams in their honor.
2251 806 finished and with that all that's left is the Awards at 1600 tomorrow!

28 June 1839 Trouble No Trouble text "We are 20 miles out and the past three days have been a back and forth cat fight. Wedge breast so much fun we all devoted to make a loop around the Vineyard. Well we were all in agreement until Reeves said he couldn't take me wearing those wet cotton boxer shorts another week. So we will all be arriving soon. breeze finally picked up and it is a drag race to R2. will check in via channel 72 in a couple of hours. wow, this had been so fun..."
806 emailed "Finish ETA 10:45 Spinnaker drag race to finish at the moment."

28 June 1037 806 emailed "Good tacking duel to finish going on between TNT & 806. Exciting end to a very long race."

28 June 0521 Trouble No Trouble text "Fun night racing 806 out of the becalming fog. Predictwind called for the wind to fill in at 0200 and it came in at 0140. Hopefully it stays around longer than expected."

27 June 1941 Trouble No Trouble text "We are having SO much fun. No need for radio chat time with Tony (806). I actually had a live chat (as in, from 10 feet away)...  Reeves was sleeping and we finally were flying the code 2 in 5 knots of breeze . sure enough I see Tony a couple miles ahead and downwind from me. They had no kite up and both guys on the foredeck. So I sailed down on them and literally hailed them from 50 yards away. Checked that they were ok - they were, just finishing fixing a broken pole. So we've made a proper race of it. We're both of on our final 85 nm. Presently in full fog, 1 knot of breeze, dew so heavy that everything is wet, rumpy so bad my boxers jumped overboard and flying our biggest chute on kite string. What's not to love?? See you in the next week or so...

27 June 1712 806 emailed "Brian just sailed past a boat length away as we were repairing our broken spin pole. Game on!" (comment: maybe they will get here faster!)

27 June 0615 Trouble No Trouble text "Sleepy night with the wind staying mostly below 5 knots, calm seas allowed us to make a little way instead of bobbing about."
806 emailed "You know you've been out here too long when a shark starts following you."

26 June 1900 Trouble No Trouble text "Roy we are still chugging towards new port."
text "806 checking in. Finally on the move again after most of day spent drifting in chilling fog. Back in clear air with a hint of sun."
1915 Bluebird
1942 Yeah Baby
Just the two minis left!

26 June 1300 806 emailed "This am discovered spin pole damage from a broach yesterday. With 129 to go sitting here becalmed in fog reviewing our options. Tea or Coffee?" (comment: at least it isn't quit or not)
1439 Zipporah finished.  Mary is doing much better today and has been talking with a doctor.  They will be picking up a mooring for a couple of nights.

26 June 0740 Trouble No Trouble text "Wet had a nice windy night and a bit this morning. Now it is cole, driving rain and 25-30 knots. All is well."

26 June 0358 Flying Turtle finish.  It was torture waiting for him to finally finish.  Real slow out there.
0530 Dirigo hailed us that he was 7 nm out and 7hrs or 7 days away from the finish.

26 June 0140 Trouble No Trouble text "We arrested thought we were mini sailors. That guy (Rodolphe) is a stud. See you in a couple days. At least we finally had mini weather tonight."
0230 Foggy and real slow out there now. Almost no wind. Outer boats look like they still have wind.

25 June 2100 Yeah Baby emailed "Update-90 miles to Newport. All is well."
1659 Wild Goose II finished.
1903 St-Pierre & Miquelon finish.
Trouble No Trouble text "All is well aboard TNT. Have not heard from 806 or 830 since this morning. Beautiful spinnaker day for all boats!"

25 June 1125 - Yeah Baby emailed "We sure were wishing for lighter wind Then what we had the first two days. Last night we both got five hours sleep with no sails up. But today its torture.  have both fishing poles out, Thought I would try my luck fishing."
Zipporah emailed "Ops NORMAL!"

25 June 0800 - 806 emailed "Spoke too soon. No wind, becalmed all night, current carrying us back towards GS. Sunrise was lovely though."
Yeah Baby emailed "YB is underway. Using it's Cruising spinnaker"
Trouble No Trouble text "We stopped by the Gulf Stream Yacht Club. All they eye serving was Light and Shifty's."

25 June 0000 Bluebird emailed "Our starter ignited tonight. We are sailing in energy-conservation mode. All otherwise ok."
Yeah Baby emailed "There is no wind. Took the sales down. Still 5 miles from Zipporah. Will send the next update when we raise the sails again."

24 June 2112 Seriana finished.
2144 Lark text "Dropping out, no issues with boat or crew, other commitments. See you Saturday."

24 June 2000 806 emailed "Through the GS. Easiest transit across, nice 3 knot current pushing us along for most of day. Home stretch now. Just have to figure best way with light wind."
Yeah Baby tracker battery is dead.  He is reporting his position via InReach which I am updating the tracker website with. So Yeah Baby report times will not match the other boats.
Bluebird emailed "All is well on Bluebird. We are sailing West in light winds, making 3-4 K. We hope for a wind shift to the East this evening that will allow us to track to Newport. The event of the day was curried goat stew from Bermuda, for lunch. It was delicious! Radio contact with Flying Turtle- all ok with them."
Trouble No Trouble emailed "830 reports having breakfast on deck with a beautiful ocean view this morning. 806 and Brian are very excited for some Sheapeard Pie at the Black Pearl. All is well aboard TNT - Reeves"
Zipporah emailed "Ops NORMAL!"

24 June 1835 First Light finish.  All the Class 40s are finished!

24 June 1330 Zipporah emailed "Mary is not comfortable and coping.  Doug is continuing to race. Engine charging system down. Still have solar. Will use to try and keep autopilot running. All else incl refrig off."
1353 II Tender finished!

24 June 0800 - Flying Turtle called: Zipporah is unable to charge his house batteries but the motor battery is ok and allowing the motor to start.  Mary who hurt herself flying through the cabin is uncomfortable but doesn't appear to be in trouble. Doug is hand steering..
Zipporah text "Ops NORMAL!" (so much for ops normal give Flying Turtle report)
Bluebird email "Allís well on Bluebird, except that we are a long ways from Newport! But gaining slowly. We are getting GRIBS, and appear to be sending mail, but not receiving. I assume problem is at our end. Will keep sending in hopes that you are reading." Evidently Bluebird isn't receiving my responses.
Lark text "long night, had to detour around the gs. sailed into a new location of the south meander. Wind 270 T 17 kts."
Trouble No Trouble text "Bonjour! Reeves feels much better. we are happy with progress last night having a nice sailing day. mini 830 reports all is well. Tony hasn't gotten back to me but he contributes to move ahead of us according to my wife. all is well. have a great day.
Yeah Baby emailed "everything is OK on YB. Good Winds this morning and bright sunshine"
Lark text "going around gs bad current starting to head up. Now running out of wind. not an easy trip!"

24 June  about 0330 Marauder finish.

23 June 2000 - Trouble No Trouble - "We are havng a nice saiol. we can't make out over too the meander due to the current and hve decided to just shoot the rhumbline. all is well. The minis are good. Tony reports a lot of wee. i told him just because it is now legal doesnn't mean it is good for you. o no, jut Keel weed, lol."
Yeah Baby emailed "YB is doing just fine except there is no wind! Tood down the sales, tired of hearing them slap."
Yeah Baby emailed "After steak/lobster and the barbecue grill is put away, "Yeah Baby" is underway once again."
Lark text "Wind went light this afternoon, back at it now, 294 T 13 kts."
II Tender text "15knots from WNW for most of the day, light seas and most importantly nothing else broken. hard to call it champagne sailing when it's on the nose, but after past two days, does feel like it. approaching banks and shipping lanes just after dusk."
Wild Goose II called: motor isn't charging the batteries. Continuing on.
806 emailed "806 checking in. All ok, beautiful sunset tonight and a nice breeze. Had our first hot meal to celebrate!"
2146 Dragon finished!

23 June 1500 - Dirigo emailed "It's a hard go of it for team Dirigo. Wind and current from the wrong direction. We are working hard to press forward."
1507 Privateer finished.

23 June 0800 Trouble No Trouble text "Good morning! i hope had a pleasant evening. we were thankful for a quiet night, finding 2 squalles. both minis checked in ok. best wishes for a great day.
Corvus emailed "As you can see, its a rough go. After my staysail deck tack fitting failed i could not control boat sufficiently to stay west of the rumb line. That was two days ago. Got caught up in currents on the east side so trying to get west again before i tack and find a place to get across the stream"
Lark text "All is well on lark. had up to 6kts current pushing us east. never found teh north current. heading north before tacking. 309 true, 10 kts."
Zipporah emailed "Ops NORMAL!"
Bluebird emailed "Very nice breeze NW this AM, flatter water, much more comfortable. We are still heading East because of a strong current pushing us that way. Once we are past it, we will take a jog to the West. We are feeling much better, eating and staying hydrated. Good chats with Dirigo,, Flying Turtle and Zeb (comment: Zipporah?) last night."
Dragon emailed "Last night was one of those nights. Steady breeze, mostly in our favor, clear skies and beautiful forever. The moon rose early, a 3/4 ball in bright orange as it climbed into a star strewn sky, there to light out way across the continental shelf and towards home. Cool temps led to the need to break out the thermals and sleeping bag, good sleeping weather as they say. And sleeping was easy since the conditions allowed Dragon to pretty much guide herself on port tack and on her numbers. Champagne sailing, topped off by an incredible sunrise that started with a purple glow at 0345 and culminated with the stab of light crossing the horizon a delicious hour or so later. Don't you wish you were out here? Maybe if you ignored the 60 or do hours invested in reaching this point."
Seriana called: All is well on Seriana.

22 June 2315 Trouble No Trouble text "hello. sorry for this late check in. its midnight. Reeves has been sick and i have been at the helm. we were stuck in an eddie and couldn't make any head way. the current was 3.5 knots. but all is well and Reeves is feeling better. both minis chucked in at chat tome and are well best wishes for a nice evening."

22 June 1800 - Bluebird emailed "Hanging in there! Winds moderating into 20ís, seas still quite big and lumpy. Clew of solent has blown out, we are making way with staysail. Heard Wildeyes (comment, think he means Wild Goose II?), Dirigo and Zip on radio." 
Lark text "all ok, 306 True 14 kts, Heard chat between flying turtle and Z." 
Zipporah text "Ops NORMAL!"
Wild Goose II called the winds in the mid teens, sea state calming, nice sailing.  Haven't heard from anyone.
II Tender text "Steady NWN 20 knot breeze; tough morning with main halyard and then rigging kit out fixing reefing lines - 30+ knots on the nose takong its toll. Better afternoon with clear skies and steady breeze/wave period.
Marauder text Doing ok, been a long upwind slog. broken staysail halyard, radome broke off mast. going slow to preserve sails, but conditions are improving.
Yeah Baby text "Roy everything is real good tonight with Yeah Baby. We actually have nice 12 kn winds but it is close hauled"
Dragon emailed "All good on Dragon. Tacking up through the last bits of the stream. Still blowing in the 20s with an occassional 30 gust. No radio contact from other boats."

22 June 1700 - Dirigo - Doug on Zipporah said that his wife got slung across the cabin and landed against the bar at the stove.  She's bruised up and in some pain but Doug says he's continuing to Newport and will be from time to time heave to when he needs some rest and wanted you to know. Murray on Flying Turtle has been trying to call the duty desk several times with no luck. On Dirigo, I got caught on the wrong side of the weather and between the meanders of the stream.  Very slow going.  The wind has diminished to our delight.  It's been a tough one so far. Not our best race or favorite for that matter.
Zipporah emailed
Mary has taken a fall... ribs bad bruised.... she incapacitated.  Will first off still try to limp to Newport but will stop for rest.

22 June 0800 - Lark tetxt "Chat with Flying Turtle, all is well on both boats. 320 True 26 knots."
II Tender - text "25-30 knot patches; had a sustained 34 for close to an hour at dawn. Bust main halyard; not sure of cause yet, maybe just a shackle. Crew a little out of breath after a lot of reefing and two main sail hoists. Pressing on."
Trouble No Trouble - text "good morning. all is well on 831. and you? waiting to hear back from minis this morning. will report any issues. Have a nice day."
Zipporah - text "Ops NORMAL!"
Corvus - called Everything is well onboard. Winds are 303 degrees at 20 knots. We are working our way out of the eddy we're in as current against us is starting to decrease. We have a lot of work to do. Standing byÖ"
Dragon - emailed "Good morning. Well, more gooders than last night. Tough one last night, hard on the wind from about midnight on, and blowing 25 to 30 with puffs all the way to 40. Violent at times, wet all the time. The only drama was when the top of the solent unfurled in 30 knots. Not a good thing. Had to go dead down wind to blanket it and then pull down on the clew to get it to rotate the other way, like an hour glasses spinnaker. Otherwise, all good out here. Sun is out this morning and wind is in the teens. Settling in for a slow beat for the remaining miles to Newport."
Yeah Baby emailed "All is good on yeah baby. No issues except for the wind is on the nose."
Seriana called that all is well on board. (Unintelligible sentence.) Was not able to raise any other vessels either last night or so far today, so he is just reporting on himself as being good.
Abilyn emailed "We switched to the J3 at dawn to try to allow us to point higher (ie, to Newport). But even without the main, we were over powered. We have the storm jib up right now. Both Sam and I are beat, and the motion is nausea-inducing. So auto is driving. We cannot make way towards Newport (or really, the east coast) until the wind shifts back to the west. The reason for this is that we have not crossed the stream yet. We need to be concerned about power management. Our current plan is to conserve as much fuel as possible given the conditions, get within 100 miles of land by sail, and then motor. Could be Newport. Could be somewhere else."

emailed ". We have some broken stuff on board but nothing race-ending. Weíre just beating our way up to Newport. See you tomorrow."

21 June 2000 - Dragon emailed "We are in the main body of the stream and being swept east hard right now. The wind has started its forecast clock forward, and we are seeing mid twenties with gusts occasionally to 30. We are hard on it st this point, and two reefs in the main. We will be swapping down to the trinquette (staysail) soon. No other boats heard on the VHF during the scheduled chat."
Zipporah - emailed "Ops NORMAL!"
Wild Goose II - called, They are plowing along, but wind conditions are 33-35 knots with very big seas. Conditions are very wet. Said they would check in with us later today.
Corvus - called, Reporting that everything is fine, but they have slowed things down to make things as comfortable as possible. Winds 34-40 knots with gusts over 40. Sailing under a triple reefed main. Unable to use stormsail because the tack blew out, so they are hunkered down, proceeding slowly, and just waiting for the weather to blow through. And while they are going slowly, the ride is much more comfortable now.
Abilyn - emailed "South of the meander, weíre seeing gusts to 32 knots. Two reefs on main and storm jib. Trying our best to stay out of the elements, although I spent 15 minutes under water in the bow hooking up the storm jib. Not pleasant. "
Yeah Baby - emailed "All is good and yeah baby. Still windy and rough. The wind just show up a little around from Southwest towards the west"
Bluebird - emailed "We have been dealing with rough conditions and seasickness but all otherwise ok. Staysail and double reef. Winds starting to drop."
Trouble No Trouble - text "Checking in for minis. Tony hadn't gotten back to me. ROdolphe doing well (of course, lol!) we are ok. Strong breeze and messy seas. All is well."
II Tender - text "Steady 20-25 knots, with occasional squalls at 30. Seas building. Otherwise clear sunny day rolling into dusk an alls well aboard II Tender"
Lark - text "We are taking our time. Storm jib and 3rd reef, 238 True, 28 Kts."
Abilyn - emailed "Our mainsail separated from the mast in big breeze and we had to use the engine to get it aboard and lashed down. We are ok and are moving slowly towards Newport. Our next move is to change the storm job to the number three to make way towards home. Iíll keep in contact." Abilyn withdrew.

21 June 0800 - Abilyn emailed "Seas are really turnt up out here. Extremely uncomfortable. Havenít been able to sit at the nav table long enough to look at latest weather. But looks like we have 24 hours more of this stuff."
806 emailed "Seeing gusts in the 30's. Very wet and bumpy ride. TNT was in close visual yesterday until we went through a big Thunderstorm. All ok on 806."
Yeah Baby emailed "Friday morning update Ė No contact with any other boats. Everything is fine on Yeah Baby'"
II Tender text "late check in as iridium temperamental. Sustained 25-30, large seas but slow period. II Tender warmed by good bolognese last night - shame no claret aboard."
Dragon emailed "Sorry about the lack of update last night. Had a few things going on. Heard no one on VHF this morning, and only a broken transmission from First Light last night. All is good in Dragon, other than the beating we are taking from Privateer. We tried to cut a bit to the east to get to the meander but are taking as much as a knot of adverse curreny fron the eddy which appears to be further west than forecast. Blowing mid 20s, from WNW. It's a highly agitated sea state and wet all the time. Sun is out at the moment."
Seriana - I heard from Lark that all is good. Same with Seriana. wet and bouncy but fine. winds 20-30 wsw, large seas"

20 June 2000 - Lark text "Talked to Seriana, all is well, 220 True, 21 kts."
II Tender text "all well aboard II Tender, steady 20 stepping up to 2 knots at the fringe of a squall - had good catch up with flying turtle on VHF."
Zipporah text "Oops Normal"
Abilyn emailed "Josh on Abilyn. Itís a washing machine out here. Sailed through two fronts. Saw 30 knots. Reefed main and J3 keeping us moving. Breeze is up and down. Other than some upset stomachs, all good here."
Trouble No Trouble text "all is well in the mini world. Rodolphe is fun and wet. Tony is lumpy. Us, well we're just along for the ride."
Seriana emailed "I heard from Lark and Zipporah, both doing well. Seriana is too. Winds 17-24, SW, seas not bad, good ride so far."

20 June - A squall came through just as some of the boats were trying to leave the dock and others were up the harbour towards the planned starting line; increased  winds and raining like !!. The weather cleared out with the wind hovering between 15 and 25. All 19 boats successfully started.  We followed the Minis out of the Town Cut. They had a rousing start with the wind out of the SW so it was a broad reach and some of the boats were daring and flew their spinnakers (asymmetric that is). Privateer hit the line first for Class 5 with Dragon screaming up from behind with his spinnaker flying (checking 7 hours later showed Privateer 15 miles ahead of his class), Yeah Baby was cruising down the line and hit the line just after the gun, Bluebird was first to hit the line for Class 4 with Gryphon quite a bit behind Bulebird and CorvusTrouble No Trouble led Class 6 over the line followed closely by 806 and St-Pierre & Miquelon trailed them by quite a bit however by the Town Cut they were leading Class 6. After 7 hours new entrant, II Tender, doing only the return has left his Class 1 and is sailing amongst the pack of Class 40s behind Privateer.
After the fleet started and we returned to the dock, we helped Juan Perez, by himself, back out of his slip, saw him head into the harbour to set his sails then head out via the cut. We cheered him on. He promised to call me when he gets home. Below is Juan sailing to the Town Cut.

19 June - Skipper's at 1400.  BYS requested that all boats on the outside of the pier move today to other facilities due to the expected 20 kts of South/South West wind tomorrow morning which would complicate leaving the dock and to avoid potential damage. 
The latest briefing by Frank Bohlen on the Gulf Stream was provided today.