2023 Bermuda One-Two

Singlehanded skippers raced from Newport to Bermuda, started Friday, June 2, 2023.   The race back from Bermuda to Newport, started Thursday, June 15, was doublehanded.


    Singlehanded Leg
    Doublehanded Leg
    St. George's Award Party
    Newport Award Party
    Scratch Sheet
    Notice Of Race
    NOR Amnd 1  &  2
    Race Calendar
    Sailing Instructions
    Notes from Singlehanded leg
    Notes from Doublehanded leg
    Photo Gallery
    Gulf Stream Briefs

    Tracker Map


Standing Up Back Row L to R: Sheila Gringley Commodore St George's Dinghy & Sports Club, David Tabor, Cole Brauer, Gregg Carville, Jack Clayton, Walter Rush, Alessandro Pagani, Roy Greenwald, Jim Hammett, Rick McCally, Louis Meyer, Phil Haydon, Josh Reisberg, Thomas O'Connell, Gust Stringos, D. Scott Miller, Her Worship The Honorable Quinell Francis; Mayor of St. George, Peter Becker.

First Row L to R: Ted Singsen, David Southwell, Peter Gustafsson, Roy Guay, Nathalie Criou

Missing from photo: Robert Hamilton Kelly.