Newport Yacht Club - With the Goat Island Yacht Club are the sponsoring organizations in Newport, RI USA.
St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club - The sponsoring organization in Bermuda.


Weather & Gulf Stream

Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre - Government of Bermuda
Bermuda Online
Bermuda Weather - Public and marine (text and charts)
Infrared Satellite Imagery of Gulf Stream
DEOS - Current velocities of the Gulf Stream
Jenifer Clark's Gulf Stream Info    gulfstream@comcast.net
APL Ocean Remote Sensing - Northern Gulf Stream Region
Commander's Weather
Weather4Sailors - A web-based resource & community for mariners
Lee Chesneau's Marine Weather
Frank Bohlen's Gulf Stream & Weather links
NOAA Tides and Currents
Collection of Worldwide Marine Weather Resources

CCA 2018 Weather Symposium

Bermuda Tourism

PHRF-NB - Handicapping organization for the Bermuda One-Two Race

Short Handed Sailing Tips and Calendar

Coast Guard
    Navigation Center

A Guide to Steering Without a Rudder by Michael Keworth